B's Artistry

          POP R&B artist Bukonla Bello signed to Melodream Records as one of the labels premier artist.  She is a very versatile artist, model, and actress. With a sophisticated, sexy, and classy poise she has as strong voice comparable to some of our greats of the past. Forged into a all star, she can put on a performance like Beyonce Knowles and, can touch your soul like Mary J.  Bukonla was taught from young to be humble and kind hearted and those values have become her calling in life  and in music to touch the soul of the masses.  Bukonla’s sound is extremely exclusive and different due to the array of past artist that influenced her as a young girl.  Her music can capture you on an emotional roller coaster with great belts of powerful vocal aptitude to the subtle inflections of a gentle song bird.  Bukonla’s music is here for you when you are joyful, depressed or in a dancing mood. Her music can also speak for you when you need to tell someone something but you don’t know how to inform the person in your own words.  
       Of African descent, her parents are from Nigeria but she was born in Houston Texas. She has been singing since she was 10 years old and to her surprise she developed a really strong vocal ability over the years. She has performed in major venues from Sport Arena's to Graduations, and from the biggest Stages to the smallest stages, singing The National Anthem, covers songs and her own music.    
    Her mission is to reach millions with her sound and to give back through advocacy for kids all over the world suffering from poverty and hunger.